November 20, 2002
Oh, well, that's all right, then

I'm at a loss for words after reading this interview with James Kopp, the man who shot and killed Dr. Barnett Slepian in his home in 1998:

"The truth is not that I regret shooting Dr. (Barnett) Slepian. I regret that he died," Kopp told [the Buffalo News] in an interview published today. "I aimed at his shoulder. The bullet took a crazy ricochet, and that's what killed him. One of my goals was to keep Dr. Slepian alive, and I failed at that goal."


"To pick up a gun and aim it at another human being and to fire, it's not a human thing to do," Kopp said. "It's not nice. It's not pleasant. It's gory, it's bloody. It overcomes every human instinct.

"The only thing that would be worse, to me, would be to do nothing, and to allow abortions to continue."


"I didn't intend to kill Dr. Slepian," Kopp said. "Why do you think I used force against Dr. Slepian when he was within 10 hours of taking the lives of 25 babies? The question answers itself."

Bastard. May you rot in hell.

UPDATE: The Buffalo News story is available here. For some odd reason, they were still displaying yesterday's edition when I wrote this entry at 8 AM CST. I note with some annoyance that the web filter in my classroom cuts the article off at the "Pro-Life Stance" subhead.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on November 20, 2002 to National news | TrackBack

Believe us or not, but most of us pro-lifers feel the same way about that scumbag as you do.

Posted by: Hiatusblogger on November 20, 2002 8:08 AM

For the most part I do. I can find examples of equivocation and outright sympathy, but for the most part I agree that the majority of pro-lifers are appalled by the actions of people like Kopp.

Posted by: Charles Kuffner on November 20, 2002 8:25 AM