November 20, 2002
What I did for love

From today's Chron:

GALVESTON -- The desperate pursuit of love from a man who demanded expensive gifts, lavish lifestyle and lots of money led a woman to embezzle hundreds of thousands of dollars from the Gulf Greyhound Park dog track, the woman's attorney said Tuesday.

Among many other things, Maria Christina "Christine" Barros bought her boyfriend a new Lexus automobile, an expensive wardrobe and an array of equipment he said he needed to become a private investigator in Las Vegas, defense attorney Chris Samuelson told a jury of nine women and three men.

The jury will decide whether Barros receives probation or goes to prison for embezzling.

Hasn't her lawyer figured out that all she needs to do is blame Bill Clinton for the loss of her moral compass? I thought that was a generally accepted affirmative defense by now.

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