November 21, 2002
Health care blues

Jay Zilber has a great rant about the state of health insurance and how it affects a self-employed person such as himself.

[I]nstead of reflexively trotting out the old, weatherbeaten scare-arguments -- which have been stripped down to PowerPoint bullet-point summaries and repeated so often that they've lost all meaning -- I wish some critics of Hillarycare (perhaps now to be rechristened AlCare -- "I'll Care" -- get it?) would explain why I'm so much better off paying the equivalent of a stiff tax straight into the United Healthcare Slushfund Lockbox every month, while simultaneously enduring the bureaucratic nightmare required to get a legitimate claim reimbursed under StatusQuoCare, and worrying if that noise I just heard was the Repo Man hauling away my Honda Civic.

Check it out.

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