November 26, 2002
Phone company is evil: Film at 11

I'm shocked, shocked to report that Southwestern Bell is being accused of stifling competition:

Ten companies are accusing SBC Southwestern Bell of putting up roadblocks to thwart competition.

In a complaint filed with the Texas Public Utility Commission, they claim the regional Bell has rejected a higher-than-usual number of orders for access to its network since October.

As a result, the companies contend they have been unable to provide timely and cost-competitive service to some customers who want high-capacity T1 lines for voice and data products, a market historically dominated by Southwestern Bell, the complaint says.

I have no trouble believing that Southwestern Bell is up to no good. The reason why I'm on a cable modem today is because SBC had never gotten around to wiring my two-miles-from-downtown neighborhood for DSL. If there's a glut in the broadband market, it hasn't affected me.

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