December 06, 2002
More fun in Montgomery County

What could be sillier than affixing a fig leaf to Michaelangelo's David and removing paintings from a men's restroom in a restaurant because they have nekkid people in them? Why, getting into a lather over the slogan on a high school senior class T-shirt, that's what. Only in Montgomery County.

Each year, the seniors decide on a T-shirt design for the class and sell them for $10 each to raise funds for the graduation party. This year, parents Debbie Cope and Leslie McManus say parents routinely went through a national catalog and selected shirts with the phrase "Kiss My Class Goodbye!!! 2003."

Cope told local reporters that to avoid any problems with misconstrued meanings, the parents put in the order for the slogan to appear on the front -- rather than the back -- of the shirts.

The design was approved, but after the shirts arrived, Principal Bobby Morris banned them from campus as a violation of the district's dress code.

Morris told the Conroe Courier that the language is "suggestive of vulgarity not appropriate for school" and claimed he had never approved the message. Angry parents have held several meetings with Morris and Superintendent Bob Smith.

Boy, there's a surefire threat to the American family. Next thing you know, seniors might organize a skip day and hang out at the mall playing violent video games or something. Good thing Principal Morris took a courageous stand against all that.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on December 06, 2002 to Elsewhere in Houston | TrackBack

The man has a point: Although the statement "Kiss my class goodbye" is not in itself out of line, it might remind one of a different, slightly profane, statement. Clearly, we must prevent impressionable young minds (even ones at or near voting age) from ever being reminded of anything the least bit profane.

Of course, "Principal Morris" sounds very similar to "Principal More Ass," so we should expect the principled principal to resign immediately. It would be the consistent thing--the logical thing--for him to do. It only gets worse the longer he sticks around.

Thank god his first name's not Richard!

Posted by: Jenny on December 8, 2002 11:30 AM