December 08, 2002
Enron! Enron! Read all about it!

I just know you're all on pins and needles at the news that there's gonna be a buttload of Enron-related books published in the next few months, to go along with the half-dozen or so titles already in print. What amuses me about the whole thing is the possibility that greed and overestimation of the anticipated demand for the product could result in big losses for those involved:

"It's fascinating. All these publishers rush in and buy their books," said Richard Pine, a literary agent who has represented authors of business books. "The danger that the (unreleased) books will all run is that in 2003 who is going to care about Enron? Will we all be glued to our TV sets, watching the war with Iraq?"

The first major book out, What Went Wrong at Enron: Everyone's Guide to the Largest Bankruptcy in U.S. History, has been the biggest success so far, making the New York Times business paperback best seller list for four months. But, generally, the books already out have been underperforming, said Rich Delahunty, national buyer of business books for the Borders chain.

"Sales of Enron-related titles have been disappointing," said Borders spokeswoman Jenie Carlen in an e-mail.

Hard to imagine a more fitting coda to this whole episode, isn't it? In case you're curious, by the way, here are the Amazon rankings of the Enron-related books that are currently in print.

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