December 19, 2002
The Truth Is Out There

Many have speculated about the identity of Atrios, also known as the man behind the Mighty Casio and the Liberal Instapundit. Well, I say there's only one way to find out: It's poll time! Go vote at the right and we'll see who wins. You can vote once per day. I'll keep the poll up until after New Year's Day.

(Note: I realized after I created the poll at Pollhost that I should have included Frank Morgan, the actor who played the Wizard of Oz, as a choice. I tried manually editing the HTML that Pollhost supplied to include him. That made his name appear as a choice, but he wasn't in the back end list, so votes for him wouldn't have counted. Alas.)

Posted by Charles Kuffner on December 19, 2002 to Blog stuff | TrackBack

You mean he's not a 20 year-old over-achieving genius Ivy League grad student? Or am I confusing him with one of the other famous Fake Greek Guys?

Posted by: Scott Chaffin on December 19, 2002 8:42 PM

Graduate poli sci student was always my assumption for Atrios.

My assumption for Hesiod is the philosophy major on his seventh year in pursuit of a philosophy degree.

Maybe that's just me.

Posted by: R. Alex on December 20, 2002 1:52 AM

Ron Jeremy...but don't tell anyone....

Posted by: tbogg on December 20, 2002 9:57 AM

I always just assumed he was the man behind Atrios System Research, owner of which appears to be named Todd R. Miller.

But maybe that's too simple.

Posted by: rea on December 20, 2002 11:17 AM

He's obviously ... Bill Clinton.

And boy oh boy is he having fun.

Posted by: BJ on December 20, 2002 12:08 PM

What? No write-in candidates? Now we'll never know the truth.

Personally, I think Atrios is merely a composite of Al Haig, Henry Kissinger, John Dean and...oh wait...

Posted by: Don on December 20, 2002 1:01 PM