December 20, 2002
Instalanche, bah

If there were any doubt that Atrios is the Liberal Instapundit, I can offer some pretty conclusive evidence. Since he posted an announcement of my poll at a little after 9 AM CST, I've gotten over 400 hits. That's 400 hits in four hours, enough to be my biggest day ever and it's only 1:19 PM. Wow.

And so far, with 128 votes cast, the leader is Mahir! with 34, followed by Sidney Blumenthal with 23, Bob Shrum with 17, Kaus and Hitchy-poo with 14 each, Mark V. Shaney with 12, Norah Vincent with 8, and Jennifer Liberto with 6. Go Mahir!

I apologize for not offering a write-in spot, but that's what I get for using a free poll service. Next time I'll roll my own.

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