December 21, 2002
Survey says

Here are the results after one full day of the Who Is Atrios poll:

Name Votes Pct
Mahir! 50 27%
Sidney Blumenthal 32 17%
Bob Shrum 21 11%
Mickey Kaus 18 9%
Christopher Hitchens 17 9%
Mark V. Shaney 16 8%
Jennifer Liberto 14 7%
Norah Vincent 13 7%

If your favorite candidate wasn't listed, it's all Katherine Harris' fault.

Total traffic yeserday was slightly over 800 visitors, more than double my previous all-time high. Referrals from Atrios accounted for more than 700 of those visits. I hope some of those folks come back, but whether or not they do it was fun. I'll keep the poll up through the end of the month. For those of you from Chicago, you can vote once per day, so take whatever action you deem appropriate.

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