February 28, 2002
Speaking of bought and paid for

According to this story in the Chron, "[a] $100,000 donation from Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tony Sanchez's bank in 2000 helped fund Republican efforts to retain control of the U.S. Senate".

You know, I'm as desperate as any Texas Democrat to get a few of our folks back into state office. I just have a hard time believing that Tony Sanchez is actually one of us. I'll still vote for him if he wins the primary - I really dislike Governor Goodhair, and I'm that big a tool - but I'm not gonna like it. I really wish Dan Morales had thrown his hat into this ring a bit earlier, instead of flirting with the Senate race. Alas.

At least Texas isn't the only state with questionable gubernatorial candidates. Read about Ginger's adventures with California's Spammin' Secretary of State, Bill Jones. Hey, all you LA Bloggers - what do you know about this guy?

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