February 18, 2002
That Takes Guts Dept.

I work for a large multinational corporation, the kind of place that the anti-globo folks hate. It's actually a rather progressive place to work, and has a fairly strong record of emphasizing diversity.

Today we had a diversity activity in honor of Black History Month. The activity, sponsored by a black employees' networking group, was karaoke singing in the cafeteria. I just heard a report that one of my male coworkers dressed up as Gladys Knight to sing "Midnight Train to Georgia". He had four other coworkers singing backup for him - after all, what's the point of being Gladys Knight if you don't have any Pips? I am truly sorry that I missed this, but I'm consoling myself on rumors that photos were taken.

Any more questions about why celebrating Black History Month is a good thing?

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