February 13, 2002
Also taking the Fifth

Also taking the Fifth this week was Craig Rosebrough, an alleged leader of the radical Earth Liberation Front. I say "alleged" here because he's never been directly linked to any of their activities, he's only ever claimed to be a conduit for their communiques. The ELF, in case you're not familiar with them, makes their political statements by destroying new developments that they dislike, usually via arson. In 1998,they burned down a ski resort in Vail, which caused $12 million in damage.

So far, no one has been killed by the ELF's actions, as they tend to do their thing when buildings are known to be empty. As FBI counterterrorism official James Jarboe said, "[I]t is only a matter of time before they accidentally kill someone". Firefighters have in fact nearly been killed, according to Jarboe. Think the ELF will get any sympathy from the public if a firefighter dies while dealing with their handiwork? I don't.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on February 13, 2002 to Legal matters | TrackBack