February 10, 2002
House update

We're getting close to making an offer on the house we've been looking at. We toured three other houses yesterday, and though one of them was very nice we came away more convinced that we're not going to find anything better. Now we're getting worried that someone else will come to that same conclusion and beat us to the punch. So, we've asked our agent to see if the owner of that house will consider a contingency offer. We'll see.

In the meantime, we are getting our house's exterior painted. Today we're planning on doing some of the fixup jobs inside that will need to be done before we can start showing this house. That will be either some repair to the walls in the master bath (reinstall a robe hook that fell off, patch a hole for an ill-placed towel rack, etc), or repair the window sill that Harry scratched up while barking at trucks and other dogs.

Next up is the mortgage qualification process. Then the fun really begins.

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