February 05, 2002
Fish In A Barrel Dept

Britney Spears is starring in a new movie. According to the IMDb, the plot summary is as follows:

Three high school girls, from a small Georgia town, who used to be best friends when they were younger, but now have very different personalities (a cheerleader, a straight-A student and a "burnout", whatever that means) (Spears plays the smart one) get together for a trip across the country. Along the way, they meet a musician who persuades them to go to Los Angeles to compete in a musical contest.

Britney plays the smart one...Well, I guess she won't have to worry about typecasting. I can't wait to see what she says about the experience in her blog.

UPDATE: Well, my friend Amy Hemphill has to actually consider seeing this movie because she knows the guy who plays Britney's boyfriend. Yet another examples of the dark side of show business.

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