January 10, 2002
RPI, schmarpi

Dan Wetzel give the Ratings Power Index (RPI) the dissecting it deserves. Remember, kids, it's all about the big boys hogging the money.

This brings up Off the Kuff's Immutable Law of NCAA Tournament Pools: Some team you've never heard of with 25 wins is a good bet to upset an overseeded 19-win BCS conference team that finished with a near-.500 conference record. In my mind, in many of these cases it's not an upset when a 12 seed with a sparkling record knocks off an overrated 5 seed. After three straight Sweet Sixteens, can anyone really call Gonzaga a Cinderella team? Now that they've spent some time in the Top 25, we'll see if they get a commensurate seeding. Don't hold your breath - the power of RPI is hard to resist.

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