January 05, 2002
Can't take me anywhere

It helps when going out of town to actually take the bag you've packed with clothes and toiletries with you instead of leaving it in the kitchen. Sigh. At least it was just an overnight visit to an old friend. We bought some emergency underwear and two toothbrushes and should make it through with only minor damage to my dignity.

We came up to Austin to visit my old roommate Matt. My wife Tiffany wanted to spend some time outdoors, and Austin is one of the best places in Texas for that. She's a member of the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center so we put that membership to use and paid a visit. It's winter (or what passes for it here in Texas), so there wasn't much blooming, but the Center is still a fine place to visit. The displays on native plants were worth the trip by themselves. We plan on coming back when it's warmer.

From there we headed farther out of town to the Hamilton Pool Preserve. It's a fabulous swimming hole in a canyon/grotto south of Austin. You hike down a short trail to get there, and it's just amazing. I can't do it justice, so go here and look at some pictures.

Later we visited our friends David and Valerie, who made seafood pasta and Caesar salad. Add in wine, a variety of cheese, and some chocolate for dessert, and we were well rewarded for the day's activity. I expect to sleep well tonight. We head back to Houston tomorrow.

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