January 01, 2002
Right. Now for real content.

I spent a few years in college and again in grad school writing a sports column called "Off the Kuff", so I expect this thing to have a fair bit of sports-related content. If that makes you gag, there's plenty of warblogs out there.

I'll have a few words to say about the BCS later this week, when they finally finish all the games (as my wife said "You mean the Rose Bowl isn't on tonight? But the Rose Bowl Parade was today!"), but for now I'll just say that I've had a hard time bringing myself to give a rat's ass about a lot of the so-called "major" bowls. I'm sorry I missed South Carolina's from-the-jaws-of-defeat win over Ohio State and everyone's favorite drunk-driving quarterback, but with the exception of the Fresno State-Michigan State game, the rest of what I've seen so far has been a snoozefest.

There was one amusing moment at the end of Oregon's 38-16 blowout of Colorado in the Fiesta Bowl. With 18 seconds left, Colorado tight end Daniel Graham caught a touchdown pass, then spiked the ball over the goal post. This drew a 15-yard flag for "excessive celebration", and the Buffalo kicker promptly flubbed the extra point. Dude, you're getting your butts whipped on national TV. What in the name of Howard Schnellenberger are you celebrating?

Awfully nice of Rex Grossman to give Steve Spurrier a built-in excuse if Florida loses, no?

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