January 02, 2003
Boondocks update

The Chron devotes half its lettercol today to Boondocks-related mail. Six letters, evenly divided among supporters and naysayers. This letter, responding to a prior complaint, is my favorite:

Michael Watkins (Dec. 28 Viewpoints letter, "New comics are offensive") believes that The Boondocks "does not belong on the comics pages of a family newspaper" because it attacks Southern Republicans. Did he make the same complaint over Mallard Fillmore, which is just as "mean-spirited" in its attacks on liberals?

Why do conservatives, with their supposed support of American liberty and values, always want to quash any expression of opinion they disagree with? How about, if you don't like a column or a cartoon, just don't read it? Or are your beliefs so fragile that they cannot survive any dissent?

I don't care for such broad generalizations, but I certainly agree with his advice. This writer is from The Woodlands, while two of the dissenters were from Houston, thus neatly demolishing my thesis that it's only the urbanites that get it. And I'm glad to see it.

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