January 10, 2003
More "The Crooked E" bashing

If you managed to sit through The Crooked E for any length of time this past Sunday (about 20 minutes was all I could take), you might have noticed that pretty much all of the female employees portrayed at Enron were ex-strippers. Some women who actually did work at Enron are none too happy about that.

At a party the day after the movie aired, [Habiba] Ewing said, an older woman who had seen The Crooked E glanced at her chest.

"She asked me if my breasts were real," said Ewing, former director of international public relations.

I believe the correct response to such a question is "I'm not sure. Why don't you feel them and let me know?", but I'll want to run that past Miss Manners first to be sure.

The movie's producer gave them the standard Trent Lott apology:

Robert Greenwald, an independent distributor who produced The Crooked E for CBS, said, "I'm sorry if they feel that the movie in any way diminished them."

He said he and others tried to avoid painting women employees with a broad brush because their research had verified that there were "thousands of accomplished, articulate, competent women throughout Enron."

"It's just that we knew we'd get better ratings if we filled the place with silicone," he did not add.

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