February 02, 2003
The last word on the Bradford trial

The Houston Press has weighed in on the perjury trial of Houston Police Chief C.O. "BAMF" Bradford, and it's almost embarrassing how much more detail they have than the Chron did. I could quote large bits of it, but you should really just read it. If you live in Harris County and weren't already convinced that District Attorney Chuck Rosenthal is a clown, this will go a long way towards doing so.

Here's my favorite section, in the Strange Bedfellows Department:

As it was, the chief's trial had already made allies of such unlikely folks as former mayor Bob Lanier, former HPD chief Harry Caldwell, Nation of Islam Minister Robert Muhammad and Quanell X, accompanied by members of his New Black Panther Party done up in uniforms and shades. Caldwell, who gave Bradford his sergeant stripes back in the early '80s, called the charges "a travesty of justice" and "a crying shame." He admitted he was not altogether comfortable with his newfound activist comrades. Quanell X, a schoolkid during Caldwell's tenure as chief, was simply puzzled by this new ally. "Who's Harry Caldwell?" he asked blankly.

Obviously, Quanell X is objectively pro-police, and former Chief Harry Caldwell and former Mayor Bob Lanier are pawns of the Nation of Islam. It sure isn't easy picking sides these days!

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