February 13, 2003
Clinton wows 'em in Austin

Bill Clinton was in Austin yesterday and gave a speech about current events. I'm a little low on energy today thanks to a cold, so I'll just point out this funny line by Liz Carpenter, the former press secretary to Lady Bird Johnson and sponsor of the lecture series that brought him to town:

"It's great to have a former president with us, and one that didn't need duct tape to hold us together," Carpenter said.


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It was great to hear Bill. He was originally going to speak at the Bass Performance Hall (capacity = 3000), but the tickets went by so quick (if you didn't wait 3 hours, you didn't get any), they moved it to the Erwin center so 7000 people could make it. You only had to wait a minimum of 1 hour for those tickets. Well, I was one of the crazy students that waited in line, and it was so refreshing to hear a voice of reason and common sense... he spoke of the interdependence of the United States in the world and how we must work with the world in order to make the US safe and secure for America and our allies - how we need to have the support of NATO and the UN before we take on Iraq - how we need to increase foreign aide to help poor counties so that they will respect us, rather than fear us. At the end, he also stated that the biggest mistake of the past 10 years in US government was the Bush tax cut. The tax cut was made without regard to a possible recession, without regard to possible national emergencies, and without good judgement. So in 2001, we had a recession, we had a national emergency, so by 2003, we have record deficits again. How irresponsible... Clinton made a great point... we all must sacrifice to make America a safer and greater nation. For some, that means fighting for our freedom, for others it is sacraficing things that we take for granted, but for millionaires like Bill Clinton, it means - their sacrifice is having to open the envelope of their tax rebate. Bill doesn't need that. Other millionaires don't need a rebate. Their ability to buy a boat or second house won't help our economy. Amen. Thanks Bill.

Posted by: ByronUT on February 14, 2003 2:43 AM