March 09, 2003
New friends, new links

Tiffany and I just got back from a trip to Austin where we attended a birthday party for my buddy Matt. The theme of the party was Roll Your Own Sushi. No, really - Matt bought all the ingredients at an Asian grocery store, and the guests (after suitable instruction from Matt, who has done this sort of thing before including when he and I roomed together) made their own sushi rolls. A good time, and much good food, was had by all.

That was Saturday night. This morning Tiffany and I along with Matt and his girlfriend Brandy met fellow bloggers Andrew Northrup and Claudia Navarro, whose surname I hope I'm spelling correctly, for brunch at the East Side Cafe. They're as charming in person as they are on their blogs, and I'm glad we had the chance to meet up.

Back here on this page, I've given in to the inevitable and decided that much like the federal budget deficit, my blogroll will continue to expand for the foreseeable future. Two new links in particular that I'd like to call your attention to: One is The Raitt Stuff, by my old college buddy David Raitt, which I expect will be about politics, Formula One racing, and his dogs (Dirac and Markov, from whence his blog URL comes). David recently noticed a bit of myth making in Time magazine. The other is Nail-Tinted Glasses, by my bridge buddy Danil. It's a techie blog rather than a political one, sure to be of interest to your programmer types.

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