March 13, 2003
Reason #27694 why the Internet is cool

I play a regular game of bridge on Wednesdays using the online game OKBridge. We have a regular group that gets together, but we don't always have a full foursome. When that happens, we play with whatever random person or persons that come by.

Last night I partnered with such a person. When I checked his profile, I discovered that he was living in Iceland. Cool!

Iceland, by the way, is one of the world's hotbeds of bridge. In 1991, when a team from Iceland won the Bermuda Bowl, it was front page national news over there. It's also the site of a prestigious and high-end annual tournament that always gets good reviews from its participants.

As it happened, my Icelandic partner and I did pretty well. I'll be happy to play with him again if he ever drops by our table.

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