March 14, 2003
UT hacker caught

The hacker who broke into the University of Texas' computer system and grabbed personal information, including Social Security numbers, on over 50,000 students and faculty, has turned himself in to federal authorities.

Christopher Andrew Phillips, a computer science major, was charged with unlawful access to a protected computer and unlawful use of a means of identification.

Phillips told authorities that he wrote and executed a computer program designed to access a university Web site, Texclass, that tracks employees that attend training classes, according to a criminal complaint. By gaining access to Texclass, Phillips was able access a broader range of information, including names and Social Security numbers from a UT database of personal data.


Phillips told officials he had no intention of using the information to harm anyone, according to the complaint filed by a Secret Service agent who searched Phillips' residences in Houston and Austin.

We'll see about that. He's been released on his own recognizance (i.e., no bail needed) and a grand jury has been convened. Stay tuned.

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