April 03, 2003
Some more info in DeLay and TRM

A couple of newspaper articles to supplement what we've read so far about Travis County DA Ronnie Earle's investigation into Texans for a Republican Majority, Tom DeLay's political committee. First, from the DMN, a recapitulation of what we know so far, plus a couple of juicy quotes. I love this one:

Bill Ceverha, of Dallas, the treasurer for the account that reported to the ethics commission in Austin, said he knew little about how much corporate money was raised or where it went.

"You've just asked me something that I don't know anything about," he said.

Mr. Ceverha was one of three men chosen by Mr. Craddick to oversee his transition as speaker.

Guess you can't expect a treasurer to know what happens to the money. Thanks to Alfredo Garcia for the tip.

Next, in the Austin American-Statesman, this slightly older article which has some information on John Colyandro, the TRM official who testified before the grand jury. Each article I've seen so far says that Colyandro was given immunity to testify, usually a sign that some wrongdoing was going on. Colyandro gives a different spin on this:

"I, John Colyandro, cooperated enthusiastically with the district attorney," he said.

A document filed by prosecutors on Friday indicated that they offered Colyandro immunity after he had refused to testify, invoking his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination.

Colyandro said he had been willing to testify without immunity, but prosecutors offered it. He said he answered every question at the grand jury proceeding but declined to discuss his testimony.

Officials with the district attorney's office said Saturday that they could not comment on grand jury proceedings.

So either he thinks there was nothing wrong, or he's covering his butt as best he can. Who knows? There are a few mind-numbing details about what the crux of this investigation supposedly is. It's pretty easy to see why stories like this generally peter out quietly after they first hit the papers - it's all a bunch of arcane rules that no one really understands. The NCAA is a model of clarity next to this.

I expect we'll hear about it if and when the grand jury returns an indictment. Until then it's all speculation, since the proceedings are secret. As always, stay tuned.

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