April 12, 2003
Herskowitz on the Hall

Longtime sports columnist Mickey Herskowitz weighs in on the Hall of Fame controversy. He meanders a bit too much to really make any points, but there's one item worth mentioning:

[Hall of Fame President Dale] Petroskey resented having his political background creep into the argument. He spent two years as an assistant press secretary under Ronald Reagan, but "nobody mentions the 11 years I worked at National Geographic."

Yo, Dale. You brought politics into this. It's 100% your fault, so take your medicine and quit whining. Actually, how about apologizing and trying to make up for it? Resigning would be a good start, but I'd be willing to forgive and forget if I saw evidence that you understood why you were so totally wrong. So far, no such luck.

As for National Geographic, it's a nonpartisan institution. You know, like the Hall of Fame is supposed to be. Apparently, despite the 11 years you spent there that concept never really sank in for you. Too bad, that.

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