April 25, 2003
Never a good sign

Those crackpots at Judicial Watch have taken a break from trying to prove that Vince Foster was murdered and have turned their attention to Houston and the death of former Enron executive Cliff Baxter.

Judicial Watch, a self-described "public interest group that investigates governmental corruption and abuse," says crime scene photos of John Clifford Baxter's death Jan. 25, 2002, and other information have not been made fully public, its lawyer Todd Hutton said Thursday.

Baxter, 43, who resigned from Enron in May 2001, was found shot in the head in his car near his Sugar Land home, with a .38-caliber pistol in his lap.

Sugar Land police and the medical examiner's office, which performed the autopsy, called the death a suicide.

The Harris County attorney's office and the medical examiner's office said Thursday the county has already provided Baxter's two toxicology reports to Judicial Watch.

Medical examiner spokesman Rudy Flores said, "We haven't amended the cause of death. It is not unusual procedure to do a supplemental toxicology report."


"The collapse of Enron and the death of Baxter raise questions. He was due to testify and we can speculate it would have been information that those involved did not want public," Hutton said.

"We question if there was a rush to judgment on his cause of death," he said.

I suppose given the Houston Police Department Crime Lab scandal it's easy to see coverups and botched evidence under every rock around here, even if this case wasn't handled by HPD. All I know is what I've said before about JW - they're cranks and publicity hounds, and if they are occasionally onto something legitimate it's a blind-squirrel-finding-acorns kind of thing.

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