May 01, 2003
The quotable Carole

The story you'll see in the Chron about the Senate's version of the budget is about how Comptroller Carole Keeton Strayhorn doesn't like the budget, may not certify the budget, and so on. What you unfortunately won't see in the online paper is the following quote from Strayhorn. It's on page 27A of the dead tree version, in the banner graphic on the top.

The quote is Strayhorn's response when "asked what's the difference between the 'smoke and mirrors' tactic she now criticizes and the similar accounting tricks the Legislature used in 2001 for a budget she certified". Ready? Here it is in full:

Well, I, uh, and, and - let me say this is a work in progress.

Sheer poetry, if you ask me.

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