May 08, 2003
Metro-neutering bill may be dead

SB 1939, the anti-federalist bill authored by Sen. Jon Lindsay (R-Houston) designed to prevent local voters from determining their own mobility needs, may be dead in the water due to lack of support.

"I'm trying to talk common sense to them," said state Sen. Jon Lindsay, R-Houston, the bill's author. "I have allies, but I don't think they're strong enough right now."

Lindsay filed Senate Bill 1939 last Thursday after Metro unveiled a $3.3 billion proposal outlining the region's transit needs for the next 22 years. The proposal shows Metro moving toward light rail for the future and eventually scuttling funding for road and bridge construction and repairs.


Committee Chairman Steve Ogden, a College Station Republican, said Lindsay has not asked him to put the bill before the committee for a vote, nor has he scheduled it for one.

"He does not have the committee votes to get it out right now. That could change, and the clock is ticking, but if he gets it out of the committee, it could pick up a head of steam on the floor," said state Sen. Rodney Ellis, D-Houston, a committee member.

The Senate committee coordinator has recommended that Senate committee chairpeople report out Senate bills and joint resolutions by May 23. The deadline, however, is being left to the discretion of the chairman.

Those of us who are fans of Rice athletics have a little cheer that we use late in the game when our heroes are winning. Given all that's going on in the 78th Lege, it seems appropriate to say it here:

Go, clock, go!

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