May 10, 2003
Traffic report for April

April started out like gangbusters and may have been my busiest month ever had I not taken a week off to visit California. Not that I'm complaining, mind you - we had a fantastic time out west. I still wound up with about 6200 visitors, according to Sitemeter. Late in the month I had my 70,000th visitor, and should hit 75,000 sometime before the Memorial Day weekend. On a slightly different note, late in April the total number of comments on this site passed the number of posts.

As always, thanks to everyone for stopping by, and especially for coming back. Top referrers for last month are listed under the More link.

Aggregators, collections, indices, etc


Weblog referrers

2658: Atrios
504: The Agonist
504: Daily Kos
202: Calpundit
132: Cooped Up
119: Matthew Yglesias
75: Garden Spot
66: Tom Spencer
65: Coffee Corner
64: Owen Courreges
57: Ted Barlow
55: MaxSpeak
53: Cursor

Top search terms

#reqs: search term
-----: -----------
124: pro war cartoons
77: marnie rose
56: prime number algorithm
54: mastercard moments
54: dr marnie rose
52: dale petrosky
38: ron kirk
35: wicked weasel
35: pfc jessica lynch
30: delma banks
27: women of enron
25: jessica lynch
23: national talk like a pirate day
20: josh llano
19: redneck neighbor
19: hooters airline
18: anti saddam editorial cartoons
17: talk like a pirate day
17: off the kuff
17: no irish need apply

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