May 13, 2003
Buffy break

Amazingly enough, the Killer D's walkout hasn't stopped other things from happening around the world. Chron TV writer Mike McDaniel, who's been a big booster of Buffy the Vampire Slayer for years now, has a nice farewell article in today's paper. The article mostly focuses on series creator Joss Whedon and is essentially spoiler-free, though if you're truly sensitive to that sort of thing you might want to wait till next week to read this.

Speaking of spoilers, Whedon has stopped trying to deceive the folks who are determined to know ahead of time what happens:

"About a year ago, I gave up trying to keep anything off the Internet, because even when we had alternate endings, eventually you have to put together the one with the real ending, and someone sees it before it goes out on satellite feed," he said. "The Internet is the one real downside for me because of the destruction of surprise. Some people don't go on it or deliberately avoid spoilers, so they are the people I'm talking to the most. They're the people who want to see it pure, who understand that's the best way to see the story."

You know who you are. I must say, after next week's Buffy and 24 finales, I won't know what to do with myself on Tuesdays any more. Maybe I'll just light a candle for the prospect of a big screen version of 24.

UPDATE: Missed this sidebar article with Buffy trivia in it. That's what I get for following the front page link instead of drilling down into the Lifestyle section.

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