July 03, 2003
Shorter Off The Kuff

The following is presented as a public service for Scott and anyone else whose eyes have been glazing over lately:

"A bunch of politicians got together to talk about redistricting. Maps were drawn, accusations were hurled, and in the end some people will be happy and others won't."

Feel free to substitute the above for any prior and subsequent redistricting update, and you won't be far off. As penance, I hereby declare this to be a redistricting-free weekend. Now if you'll excuse me, I've got some important reading to do.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on July 03, 2003 to General snarkiness | TrackBack

Oh No, You Don't! You're not getting out of it that easy!

Dang. Now I feel bad, like when Ray busts on ol' Roast Beef.

Posted by: Scott Chaffin on July 3, 2003 8:13 PM

No need to feel bad. I had fun writing the "Shorter" version. Don't wanna take myself too seriously - that'd be way boring. Have a great Fourth!

Posted by: Charles Kuffner on July 3, 2003 10:27 PM

I was thinking your posts had gotten a bit long lately. But, then again, I'm happy to use my cute little scroll wheel to see what else there is to see. Redistricting is an important issue, but one I don't have much patience for reading about. I'm happy to scroll through and say, "Well, at least I know Chuck's keeping the word out about that one." You be as long winded as you like. :)

Posted by: Amy on July 3, 2003 10:35 PM