July 06, 2003

Best news I've heard today - the MYSTERY! series on PBS will be premiering a series of episodes based on the books of Elizabeth George. Turns out they'd already done her first book, A Great Deliverance, last year, but I missed it - guess I'll have to order the VHS tapes (no, they don't have DVDs). The series starts August 31, so most of it should run before the fall season starts.

I'm a little concerned about how they're going to pack all of George's various subplots and character bits into 90-minute episodes, but George herself seemed satisfied with how everything went in the first go-round, so I'll wait and see. This time around, they have a different actress playing Helen Clyde (compare last year's cast to this year's), not to mention that Simon and Deborah St. James have vanished from the scripts, which is a shame. Regardless, now that I know this is coming I can't wait to see it.

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