July 07, 2003
Coach lets team manage itself

Why didn't I think of this? A Little League coach let his players manage themselves for a playoff game, and they won.

[Coach Paul] Davis patiently watched from the top row of the bleachers as son Nick and the rest of his team played one of their most important games of the season. He was making a point by allowing his players to simply coach themselves.

"I thought about doing this a few years ago, but that team was too young," Davis said. "I felt this team would show it could manage all by itself."

Actually, I know why I never did this:

Assistant Coach Bob Kirby found it difficult to simply sit and watch.

"It's a lot easier being on the field," he said. "This is going to drive me crazy."

Yeah, that would've been me, too. I'm glad someone else tried it, but I'll remain a slave to tradition, thanks.

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