July 17, 2003
Late breaking blog news

"Late" in the sense that it was breaking several days ago, and I'm only just now getting around to mentioning it. I blame a combination of TS Claudette and Howell Raines, and I note that my headline is technically true.

Anyway, please welcome Pete Von Der Haar and his perfectly cromulent blog to the blogiverse. Pete's your one stop shop for all your high-end pop culture smart assery needs. Pete watches way too many bad movies and writes about them when he thinks no one is looking. Stop by and say Hi.

And welcome back Alex Whitlock, who's at a new home with some new software. Alex is on hiatus from having no lyfe, and returns to his political and cultural roots here. Plus, he has a cool black and white head shot that for reasons I can't articulate makes me think of Hunter S. Thompson. Check it out.

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