July 22, 2003
Blogging does Dallas

Well, what do you know? The Dallas Morning News has a blog, a real, live Movable Type-powered blog in the style of the Corner, not some faux, imitation, not-really-blog-like thing that can be easily mocked. It's pretty crappily implemented - no categories, no archives, a conversational style that refers to prior entries without linking to them (in some cases, the earlier entry has scrolled off the page) - but it's a start.

Via Kevin and Byron. Unlike Kevin, I would like to see the Chron try a real blog. I can think of several writers - Leon Hale and Ken Hoffman, to name two - who'd thrive in that format, though I'd greatly prefer a standard one-writer weblog to this disorganized style. I do agree that the Houston Press has no good reason not to set Richard Connelly up with a blog. There's no telling what he'd come up with.

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