July 24, 2003
A little blogwatching

Just a few things that caught my eye recently...

Cowboy Kahlil does some electoral math.

You've probably already seen Calpundit's pointer to the Medpundit's Road to Damascus moment (scroll down to that title) regarding tort reform and malpractice insurance, but you probably haven't been reading Hope's recent posts on various related topics. Check out Socialism? Or Common Sense?, Play Or Pay?, Controlling Health Care Spending, with "Tort Reform" right underneath it. Her links are screwy, so scroll down to the given title for each.

The Minute Man has a useful timeline of the Valerie Plame affair.

Pete has a troubling report of a big sequel that may be in the works.

Mark Evanier reminisces about Ray Bradbury.

David discovers a novel way to boost revenue in Pennsylvania.

Ginger talks about ideology, character, and blog-reading.

And Dwight at P.L.A. has three top-notch posts, about frivolous lawsuits, balancing the budget, and pork-barrel spending.

Happy reading!

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