August 01, 2003
Is there a marine biologist in the house?

Gotta hate it when that happens: The University of Florida, whose school mascot is the alligator, sent out 19,000 copies of its football media guide before anyone figured out that the animal on the guide's cover is a crocodile. Oops!

[Sports information director Steve] McLain said he envisioned the cover featuring a ferocious-looking alligator, but he couldn't dig up a photo.

So he commissioned the company overseeing the publication's production, GBS Productions Graphics of Gainesville, to find the image he was seeking. But when the company passed along the photo, no one in the school's sports information office noticed that the "gator" was really a crocodile.

"When I ordered a picture of an alligator, I expected to get a picture of an alligator," McLain said.

You can bet he'll be able to recognize the difference next time. The article has a handy side-by-side comparison for those of you who aren't sure themselves.

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No embarrassment is greater;
Steve McLain is in the dock:
What he ordered was a 'gator...
What he got was just a croc.

- SB the YDD

Posted by: Steve Bates on August 3, 2003 1:36 AM