August 02, 2003
Who's really affected by all this?

Gov. Perry has been pushing the ludicrous line that the Democrats have been holding up "important state business" by refusing to be rolled over on redistricting. Never mind the fact that most if not all of this business was stuff that he chose not to push for - or actively opposed - in the regular session and the first special session, never mind that the state Comptroller has contradicted his logic, never mind that the only thing he had on the agenda for this session at first was redistricting. In Gov. Perry's world, the Democrats are somehow hurting folks who need state services.

One such group of people is grad students of the state universities. They got reamed by the many and massive budget cuts during the regular session, and they'd like someone to listen to them about that. Aziz, one of the people affected by these cuts, explains what they're up against. Go check it out.

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