August 07, 2003
Favoritism at Farmers?

More on the story about Farmers Insurance giving special treatment to legislators like Rep. Joe Nixon and other muckety-mucks that they thought might be useful to them. Basically, the mold manager that they fired, Isabelle Arnold, isn't going away. She's filed suit and doesn't appear to be shy about talking to the press. I suppose she'll either turn out to be a total crank, or this could be Yet Another Nasty Corporate Scandal which may or may not resonate with the general public. (Damn, I feel cynical today.)

The Quorum Report says that several Farmers execs testified before the Grand Jury today.

Four Farmers Insurance executives, including Texas President John Hageman, are testifying before a Travis County Grand Jury about a payment made to state Rep. Joe Nixon (R-Houston).

The story was first reported in QR Tuesday.

The other Farmers executives present appearing are Jim Killian, a government affairs officer, Vinh Nguyen, area claims Houston, and Fred Green, mold supervisor for the Texas region out of Phoenix, AZ.

Prominent Austin attorney Roy Minton accompanied the executives.

According to Farmers spokeswoman Michelle Levy, the Grand Jury is mostly concerned about the $13,000 payment to Nixon for damage to his driveway and landscaping by mold remediators.

So stay tuned.

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