August 13, 2003
Idol update

Well, hey, not only did our friend from Alaska make the first callback at the American Idol tryouts today, she and her dad made the front page of the Chron website, in the photo above. She's also quoted in the accompanying story.

Bridget Sullivan flew with her father, Len, from Eagle River, Alaska, Tuesday.

The trip was worth it. Bridget ran out the main entrance, clutching a blue "call back" sheet and leapt into the arms of her proud papa.

"A lot of people got rejected," said Sullivan, 20, a student at the University of Alaska. "I couldn't believe they chose me. A lot of other tables weren't letting anyone through."

Way to go, Bridget! She'll be back for the next round on Friday morning, meaning she has all day tomorrow to recuperate. Her dad will fly back to Alaska as originally planned tomorrow, but she'll be getting a new return ticket.

Oh, and they wound up not having to sleep on the street, too. Officials gave people the choice of entering Minute Maid Park and staying there, or getting a wristband so they could sleep elsewhere. The reason they lined up at first was because there's usually more contestants than the producers can handle, but apparently everyone was promised an audition this time, so your place in line wasn't as important.

Go Bridget!

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