August 15, 2003
Some fair and balanced blogwatching

I'm not feeling so fair this morning, so maybe a little balanced blogwatching will help.

The Agitator does lunch with Ann Coulter. Hilarity ensues. Skip the comments, which are fairly bogged down by unbalanced trolls. Via Barney Gumble.

Speaking of Coulter, did you know that she tried to run for Congress on the Libertarian Party ticket, but the LP rejected her? I had not known that. Pretty darned amusing.

Mark Evanier reports that Don Novello, a/k/a Father Guido Sarducci, will not be on the recall ballot in California. Mark also has some background info on Novello, including his authorship of The Lazlo Letters, still one of the funniest books you'll ever read.

Scott Chaffin proposes BloggerCon - TFG Style (I kinda like Pete's suggestion to call it Three Blog Night). I confess that I'm one of those pencil-necked geeks who doesn't like camping (a fact which drives Tiffany to despair), but I may have to get over it for this.

Speaking of Pete, he has an important bakery domain/pr0n story and a few words about Blender Magazine's 50 Worst Bands list.

Ginger points to an interesting NYT story about suburban areas trying to keep kids out.

Wyeth Ruthven fact checks Don Rumsfeld. Via Greg Greene.

Finally, (belated) happy First Blogiversary to UggaBugga.

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It's never too early to nail down a Luxury Tent, Chuckles...with built-in power for your laptop and data-capable cell phone. I'll even throw in an extension cord in case you want to blog outside (shudder!) the tent. Of course, you'll have to share once everybody else finds out about your portable broadband.

Posted by: Scott Chaffin on August 15, 2003 12:55 PM