August 17, 2003
It's Insurance Day

The Sundy editorials are all about insurance, mostly Proposition 12. Rep. Joe "Mold claim? What mold claim?" Nixon has the pro-Prop 12 position, while former State Supreme Court Justice Deborah Harkinson says it's a violation of the principle of separation of powers.

Inside, the Chron officially recommends a No vote on Prop 12, while Clay Robison examines the manufactured outrage against Farmers Insurance last year. Want to know why nothing of any substance was done to resolve the homeowners insurance crisis that Governor Perry fulminated against last year?

Farmers political action committee donated thousands of dollars to legislators and legislative candidates of both parties last year. Its biggest contribution, $150,000, went to Texans for a Republican Majority, the committee that helped the GOP capture a majority of the Texas House.

And four days before the election, Perry took $25,000 from Hillco Partners, a lobbying firm that represents Farmers and also has ties to Speaker Tom Craddick. Perry had taken another $25,000 from Hillco earlier in the campaign.

Political donations had to stop during the regular legislative session this year, but shortly after the session adjourned on June 2, the Farmers PAC was at it again, giving more than $21,000 to at least 13 legislators within a few weeks and another $10,000 to Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst.

Quelle surprise, no?

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