August 18, 2003
Baylor update

On the day that the tape recording which revealed his desire to tar murdered player Patrick Dennehy as a drug dealer became public, disgraced former Baylor basketball coach Dave Bliss visited a player's home in an attempt to enlist him in that scheme.

Richard Guinn, whose son R.T Guinn will be a senior on this year's squad, said Bliss was "calm and collected" when he arrived at the Guinns' home in Waco on Saturday and asked to talk about the recent developments in the investigation into the Baylor basketball program.

"Weird is not even the right word to describe it," Guinn said.

According to Guinn, Bliss wanted to record the conversation. Guinn agreed and did likewise.

"He wasn't irrational or anything like that, but when he wanted to make a tape, I knew I had to make one too, to protect my son," Guinn said.

"We're not going to cover up for anybody, lie for anybody, or participate in any of their schemes."

Guinn, who turned his tape over to the school's investigative committee, would not comment on the details of the conversation with Bliss, though he said at one point Bliss offered an apology for the turn of events. Bliss offered a similar apology when he resigned on Aug. 8 and again at a meeting with the team on Aug. 11.

"It's too late for that," Guinn said. "I can't believe he would take these boys and put their future on the line to cover up things he did wrong. That's completely out of bounds."

Is there any reason why the McClennan County DA hasn't announced that he's looking into obstruction of justice charges against Dave Bliss? What more evidence does he need?

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Franky, the DA's office is probably just about as stunned as the rest of the world. Hopefully they'll soon recover their jaws, along with their sense of outrage, and an indictment will follow. And perhaps then we'll get "deeper into" the sources of the freebie tuitions. I don't know about you, but I seriously doubt Bliss paid those out of his own pocket (hint hint

Posted by: MikieDunnIt on August 18, 2003 5:56 PM