August 23, 2003
A little blogwatching

Just a few things of interest I've come across lately, all worth your time to click and read.

Michael finds FireWire Dino, a four port hub shaped like Godzilla. You know you want one.

StoutDem says that men are doomed. Well, that's rather cast a pall over the evening.

I had sent Ginger a link to this column about illegal immigration in hopes that she would blog about it, but she notes that Colorado Luis has already done a bang-up job of it.

Also via Ginger comes this post, which is all you need to know about Arnold Schwarzeneggar and the Traditional Values Coalition.

Tom Spencer is not about to take David Ignatius' advice, and neither am I.

Scott Chaffin rips Jonah Goldberg a new one for his whiny insistence that rules are for others.

San Diego Soliloquies notes a fact about the California recall election that's likely to be underreported, if not outright unnoticed, in the mainstream press. (It's the August 20 entry if the permalink is bloggered.)

TAPPED understands the appeal of the Dean blog. Others may well imitate the form, but I think very few will capture the essence.

Amy Sullivan says Tom Daschle is just as he is on his blog, highlights the tax battle in Alabama, and confesses to her abnormal adolescence.

Pete explains why something other than text messaging is the real reason why bad movies aren't making money.

Greg has the best campaign ad Gray Davis could ask for.

Happy reading!

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