August 29, 2003
Flood the Zone Friday: Unstable Stewardship

It's Friday again, meaning it's time for the second Flood the Zone Friday. This week the boys at Not Geniuses are focusing on the environment. They've got some better guidelines for writing and sending your letter, based in part on last week's effort, along with a set of talking points and a nifty new FTZF graphic. Check it out.

The second part of the Friday gig is Fund The Zone Friday, with this week's recipient being the Democratic National Committee. Click on my Boot Bush icon on the sidebar or on this link if you'd like to throw a few bucks at them.

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As always, remember that while doing this sort of thing is fun and may make a splash, it's more style than substance. Really making things happen takes a lot of time, effort, and money, and is often done in anonymity and obscurity. Having designated one day a week as the day to send a letter to the editor, let's not forget that there's a ton of other stuff that needs to be done every day. Let's think of FTZF as a first step.

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