September 09, 2003
Choose Lawsuits

Hope gives a rundown of the various states whose legislatures have authorized license plates with the slogan "Choose Life", the fees for which go in part to antiabortion groups of some kind. (Her permalinks are screwy; scroll past the birthday greetings to her husband for the post in question.) She outlines three concerns about them, two of which have to do with the state sponsoring a particular political viewpoint, the other having to do with dollars and sense:

State legislatures know somebody is going to sue the state when they pass these laws. So they are essentially saying its okay to waste taxpayer dollars defending their law as long as they get...a license plate slogan. That's right. A #$!%ing slogan is more important to these guys than fiscal responsibility. Especially in these times of tight state budgets, that attitude is unforgiveable.

I've heard it said that the reason why the political fights in academia are so vicious is because the stakes are so low. Clearly, that sort of tenacity applies to state governments as well.

Texas does not have these plates, though not for lack of trying in the regular session. Had Rep. Wohlgemuth's bill passed, the inevitable lawsuit would surely have followed, and the state would have chosen to spend money defending it. Please note that the state has chosen not to spend money on computers and other technical equipment for schools and libraries. It sure does feel good to have the party of fiscal responsibility in charge of things, doesn't it?

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