September 17, 2003

I've done a little blogroll maintenance, as you can see. I'd been unhappy with the state of my blogroll - its length made the sidebar less useful than it could have been as well as discouraging me from considering additions, and it just wasn't as convenient to me as I wanted it to be. So, I've created two blogrolls, a shorter one that you now see on the sidebar, plus a full blogroll linked just above it that has more or less everyone that I wanted to link to. I've also added a link to a page of bloggers I know from Real Life, and of course the Texas Political Bloggers page continues to grow. There are new and newly linked blogs on all of these pages, so please check them out.

It is entirely possible that in doing this housework that I have overlooked or accidentally dropped someone who belongs on one of these rolls. If that's you, I assure you it's not intentional. Please whack me upside the head via email or comment and I'll rectify the error along with my abject apologies.

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