September 22, 2003
Pirate popularity

Meant to do this Saturday but was too busy with other stuff...How popular was National Talk Like A Pirate Day? Here are the most frequent search engine terms that referred people to my blog on Friday:

#reqs: search term
-----: -----------
286: national talk like a pirate day
70: talk like a pirate day
59: national pirate day
35: pirate translation
22: talk like a pirate
14: national talk like a pirate
11: ugly people
10: national talk like pirate day
9: diane zamora
9: gregg phillips
8: prime number algorithm
8: how to talk like a pirate
6: redneck neighbor
4: national pirate
4: no guardrails
4: pirate day
3: bush upside down book
3: sock puppets
3: marnie rose
3: national talk pirate day
314: [not listed: 282 search terms]

Well, blow me down!

Posted by Charles Kuffner on September 22, 2003 to Society and cultcha | TrackBack