September 23, 2003
What hath Boy Wonder wrought?

Man, Michael Berry's exit from the mayoral race and the subsequent filing free-for-all sure was big news, at least if one judges by the amount of blogging on the subject. My take on the issue is closest to Greg Wythe's, especially about Bruce Tatro, who really didn't need a GOP opponent in his quest for the City Controller's office. I don't quite get Gabe Vasquez's sudden desire to run for controller - maybe he thinks Orlando Sanchez will have some coattails, I dunno. I do know that Sanchez's popularity with Hispanic voters is considerably lower in the recent poll than it was in 2001, and that I've never been convinced that he'll get that same level of support again. I also know that both Sanchez and Vasquez (especially Vasquez) are not liked by most current Hispanic politicians in Houston, and that they will work hard against both of them.

In addition to Greg, you should check out what Alex Whitlock, Ginger Stampley, and Kevin Whited have to say about this. Rob Booth wins the Soul Of Wit award on this one.

Here's the full list of official candidates. I need to figure out who I'm gonna vote for in the District H council race - I can't support Hector Longoria, but I have no clue who these other folks are. Help!

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